How to Get the Perfect Spa Bathroom Lighting

If 2017 has left you feeling in need of a safe space in which to retreat, an idyllic escape could be closer than you think. Creating a home-spa in your own bathroom is becoming more and more popular these days – maybe it’s linked to the mindfulness movement. Or maybe it’s just Brexit? Whatever it is, there’s always a good reason to treat yourself to some well-earned relaxation and re-invigoration. Soothing scents and soft towels are a good start, but to really indulge in the whole spa experience achieving the right ambiance is crucial. The lighting you choose is the canvas on which you can sketch the rest of your ideal bathing space. Ease yourself gently, now, in to our pool of inspirational ideas – curated by us, just for you – and start creating the perfect lighting for your luxury spa-style sanctuary.

Browse our beautiful lighting design projects for more inspiration.

Main Bathroom Lighting

Getting the mood right is key to creating a home spa retreat; the lighting needs to be more ‘treatment room’, less ‘interrogation suite’. The space needs to be bright enough to brush your teeth in, yet gentle enough to unwind. Installing two lighting circuits is a great solution; one circuit provides the area’s main lighting and the other offers subtle background illumination. The main lighting on the first circuit is usually provided by either downlights (which are bright but can be dimmed) or wall lights, like these chic glowing strips from Marset.

Fusion x64 TIFF File
Bright but understated wall lights.

Low Level Bathroom Lighting

The low level lighting on the second circuit, which can be found in types such as niche lighting and cove lighting, offers a softer candlelit effect (without the waxy drippings). See how the discreet niche lighting below softly beckons you in to the steamy bliss of a rainforest shower.

View more images from this gorgeous lighting design project here.

Uplighters behind a freestanding bath can provide the perfect mood lighting for a soothing soak (and we know that you’ve spotted that sexy bespoke recessed shelf too)…

Darklight-Design-Spa bathroom-Berkshire-June- 2015-uplights
More lovely images from this project here.

This image shows how a luxe metallic tub can really pop when lit by strips of LED that are concealed inside invisible housings.

The Boat House project.

The discreet glow of cove lighting, otherwise known as profile lighting, can also be effective when laid around the edges of your wet room or shower room. A functional yet calming presence.

See more from the Boat House project.

Colour Changing Lights for the Bathroom

Colour changing lights present yet another option when creating a soothing atmosphere in which to luxuriate in your sunken tub. While the main circuit lighting concerns itself with business – providing the best environment for perfecting your make up / getting a really close shave, etc. – colour changing lights are all about the pleasure. You can choose which hue you relax to, or gently alternate across the spectrum. You can also dim those bad boys to create yourself an even more intimate setting. In the image below you can see niche lighting again, but this time it’s been embedded within the side of the bath so it spots the floor with a softly dappled glow.

Bathe yourself in the colour of 2018. More project images here.

Safety First – IP Rated Lights for the Bathroom

A little less glamorous, but well worth knowing about, are IP ratings. It goes without saying that water and electricity are not good bedfellows, so when choosing your favourite spa bathroom lights check which zone they will be installed in and, therefore, which IP rating they should be. And do remember, it’s always best to use a qualified electrician for any bathroom lighting project – even if your middle name really is Danger.

Handy guide to lighting regulations for bathroom zones.

A quick guide to bathroom zones and IP ratings:

  • Bathroom Zone 0: Use light fittings with a minimum IP rating of IP67
  • Bathroom Zone 1: Use light fittings with a minimum IP rating of IP65
  • Bathroom Zone 2: Use light fittings with a minimum IP rating of IP44
  • Bathroom Zone 3: Use light fittings with a minimum IP rating of IP20 

For more fascinating facts about bathroom zones and IP ratings, visit our super LED lighting blog.

So if you’re already thinking ‘that’s all well and good but who will fluff my towels?’, then our work here is done. We hope our spa bathroom lighting ideas have inspired you to create your own heavenly haven. If you have any questions at all, or if you’d like to speak with our experienced lighting designers about your own bathroom project, please get in touch on 01189 882294 or email us at

For even more inspiration, why not head on over to our Pinterest board or Houzz ideabook?

Thank you so much for reading,
The DD Team.

Browse our beautiful lighting design projects for more inspiration.


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